Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit Vs. Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Let's begin with the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit.

I love this formula- it's super creamy and very easy to blend. Which means you don't stretch and drag the skin as much (especially the delicate skin around your eyes!) The colour has a yellow undertone which is great for asian skins like me! It is used in conjunction with a corrector (below) and I got mine in Peach. This is used as a base for underneath your eyes and then apply the concealer on top. Then you powder it to finish! Dark circles are gone! :) 

This product comes in two parts- you can choose to buy only the concealer but it is highly recommended to get the corrector too. It does make a difference! The packaging is very similar to LM Undercover cute!

Now onto LM Undercover Pot......

This product has everything in one lil pot! Which is great for travelling:) A must have for your handbag!
One side is the "Secret Camouflage" which is used for blemishes and scars etc. and is a thicker concealer (Very similar to MAC Studio Fix Concealer pot). The other side is a emolient formula for the area around the eyes. And if you twist the pot, you will find the powder underneath! Super convenient!

Verdict: I love both products! It's very hard to choose- but if I really had to pick one...I think BBrown Concealer wins! The corrector and concealer combo is HG stuff- doesn't look cakey and the colour is perfect for me. The formula is sooooo creamy and I personally prefer this than the thicker & hard concealers. If only it came in an all-in-one package like the LM Undercover Pot- then it would definitely win!

Would love to know what everyone thinks about these concealers!


★stillFAB. said...

I think I wanna try the L.Mercier product. Thanks!!!

Erica said...

i wanna try a bobby brown corrector so badly! but too bad its so hard to find here in canada.

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