Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maybelline Volum Express "Cat Eyes" Mascara & Diorskin Nude Foundation Review

I'm trying out my Maybelline Volum Express Mascara today- I got two as they have different effects. Today I am using the Feline Black Hypercurl Mascara "Cat Eyes" by Maybelline. Excuse my pimply skin- its that time of the month sigh* so annoying these pimples! The time I take to do my makeup in the mornings just doubled!

What do you think? I like the lengthening effect but it's quite clumpy after two coats and it kinda made my lashes stick together so I had to make use of the comb to separate them. So applying my mascara today took longer than usual. So no, I wouldn't repurchase again. If you like this type of mascara wand- I would recommend going for Rimmel Glam Eyes (It is much better!)

I will try the other mascara tomorrow: Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl in very black- the wand is different, more bristles and quite big! I have a good feeling about this one:)

I also used my sample size Diorskin Nude Hydrating Foundation today. It's quite good- gives medium coverage which covers most blemishes but still need concealer, not cakey, very easy to blend and it gives a dewy finish. Personally for me, I still prefer my Laura Mercier Silk Creme- it blends a lil bit better than Dior. If your skin is oily then you should go for Diorskin. But for dry skin LM is better:) This is only my opinion from my own experience so you have to get some samples and try it out yourself! :)

My new brushes to add to my collection! Left to right: Sana's synthetic eyeshadow brush and a slanted blending/contouring brush. The last two are MAC brushes- 224 & 227. I was actually after the 138 brush but its sold out in the two places I visited in Malaysia- very sad......

And I'm going to end it with this video from Kandee: Jem Makeup!
 I used to watch this cartoon....long long time ago! I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I'm so happy she did this look! Reminds me of my younger years! ahaha Kandee- what can I say? She's hilarious!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back from Malaysia!

Just back from my trip to Malaysia and let's just say it was not really a holidaying trip at all! I was on the plane most of the time. I hate aeroplane food now!

Firstly, I went to KL to pick up my dress from Designer Bridal Room. They have beautiful dresses and everytime I'm there I can't help but to take a look at the dresses hanging all around the shop- even though I already picked one. It's not a good idea to do that since I might regret my purchase! I higly recommend this place if you don't mind spending a lil bit more to get a beautiful designer dress. Once you see this place, every other bridal store will not compare! But yes, it is pricey but they give very good service- you will feel like a princess!

I am very happy with my dress and it is finally here with me!! (Hanging in the spare room!) I haven't tried it on with my veil yet- still thinking about what hairstyle to do but it will definitely be an updo:)

Then it was back onto the plane again to go to Sabah...the wedding destination.  It was a whole day just wedding planning with the wedding planner- Faith Foo. Very nice lady and I have every faith in her to make my wedding a dream come true! ahah so corny I know :P

Had our banquet food tasting (pics below)...very disappointed but I have been warned that if you want a hotel venue, don't expect too much from the food. Since I had no choice for such a big wedding I guess it will have to do:)

We stayed at Shangri La Tanjung Aru Resort.....we had a nice welcome drink and cool wet towels.....We needed it after a long day of flying. Not really loving the bed sheets! ewww!

Here is Kenny lugging all our bomboniere boxes. We had three of these boxes to carry to Sabah for our wedding. I have no idea what to put inside the boxes yet!

And we finally get to see our engagement photo abum! I was so excited (as you can see) and couldnt wait to open it with my Michael Jackson gloves! ahaha

Unfortunately there was a defect on the glass of the album and they had to send it back to Italy! So I couldn't bring it home with me just yet :( But Louis Pang and Co. did a very fine job. Can't wait to see what they come up with on the wedding day!

So it was back to KL again and we had Bakuteh- very famous in KL and it's a must visit! I love the tea too:)


After a whole day shopping at the Pavillion me and Kenny were "pooped" out! So we stopped by Godiva and tried their Dark Hot Chocolate. It was very energising! Tasty but a bit a thick to drink! See the effect it had on Kenny!

Ok onto my purchases! I didn't get much this time- I was hoping to get the whole day to myself without Kenny lugging behind me but he had nothing else better to do so yeah....too bad for me. I couldn't really splurge- his annoying question before every purchase is "Do you really need that?"...... Of course I don't!!!! I just want it! hehe

So I had to make do with some quick purchases when he goes on his toilet breaks!

I managed to sneak this purchase- an eyeshadow palette from Sasa which I have been dying to get! Some of you may know of this product- it's been around for while now but these things are hard to get in Australia. Yay! I finally got one!

I love the colours- you can use every single one of them and it's great for travelling too!

I also splurged a bit at Bobbi Brown- got myself three more gel liners in Cobalt Ink, Bronze Shimmer & Caviar. I can't wait to use them:) Also got their creamy concealer and the corrector. Not sure if I should have bought the corrector- it's an extra step in the routine for under the eyes.....anyone used this before??

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kate Spade Shoes & My Quick Getaway

These would be perfect shoes for my bridesmaids...if only they didn't cost a bomb! Super sad! It's actually a purple eggplant version of my wedding shoes! Mine are a pair of red ones which you might have seen in a previous post on my shoe collection:)

And aren't these so cute? I want to use this for our wedding:) It goes well with the Alice in Wonderland theme....aarrgghh stressing now! I will be away for the long weekend and it's all just for wedding planning....I should be excited but at the moment I am more tired and stressed than anything else. I am going to pick up my wedding dress too....lesson learnt: Don't rush into buying your dress too early! It cost me a lot and I saw better ones for rental which are brand new as well! It makes sense, what do people do with their wedding dresses afterwards? My sis wants to dye hers and make it into a dinner gown and use the rest to make baby clothes....hmmm where did she get that idea from?!

I wish everyone a great weekend:)

Hopefully I get some shopping done in between the wedding planning rush! Now I'm feeling so much happier just thinking about it:) hehe

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Rolls & Hoodies

I made some Teriyaki Chicken sushi with avocado mayo on the bottom. It's one of my favourite ways to eat sushi- I need avocado in my sushi otherwise it just doesn't taste as yummy! And I need lots of pink ginger and wasabi and some hot green tea.....hmmm heaven! I love sushi:)

It was so cold this morning! I had this jacket with the woolly fur hoody and it kept me nice and cozy (my mum bought it in China for me..... they love fake burberry patterns!) I looked a bit silly when I went on the train with this on! I think I'm just not used to the cold...I see girls wearing skirts and cardigans....I'm just a bit weak hehe

Glad that I will be in Malaysia for the weekend! Can't wait- I have been deprived of any shopping sprees for a month now and I think my credit card will take a beating this saturday! Plus it's going to be warm and I can wear some of new clothing pieces that I bought but haven't had a chance to wear due to laziness and the freakin' cold weather!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lazy Cook Series: Omurice

It's been a loooong time since I had a Lazy Cook post. That just shows how much cooking I actually do at home! Anyway, this is another episode from "Cooking with Dog". It's a really yummy dish and its so simple to do. The dog is so obedient! I would think he would get hungry just watching the lady cook! haha No wonder he whines...poor doggy!

Here is my attempt at this dish....ok I am hiding something- this was the second attempt haha, the first was a a sloppy omelette but I got the hang of it in the end. I think I made a total of 10 of these over the weekend and that's what we ate for breakfast lunch and dinner! I made too much rice filling and we went through a carton of eggs which is a lot of eggs for two people! Anyway, I like to use Ketchup instead of tomato sauce- I think there is a difference but some people say they taste the same??

And...sorry I really hate to take pics of myself everyday but I got no models to try it on! So I apologise that you have to see my face day in and day out! I asked my fiance if I could do something on him but he flatly refuses...obviously! Anyway, I was trying a berry lips look with strong eyebrows and clean eye makeup. It's not really one of my favourite looks since I think it makes me look older! But here it is anyways...

Products Used:
  • Skinfood BB Cream
  • MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC20
  • Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
  • MAC E/Shadows Yoghurt, Copperplate, Satin Taupe
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Black Ink
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
  • Bobbi Brown Blush "Nectar"
  • MAC Lipstick "Overtly Plum" 
Can't wait for the long weekend here in Perth....I need a break! Horrible weather too....I can't wait for summer! I hate wearing jackets and pants everyday :(

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to Sugarland!

I have never seen works of art created by coloured sugar! It's so pretty:) This was on display at a shopping mall and it was created on a the floor of the foodcourt. Strange but very beautiful! It might be funny (or not!) if someone sneezed or huffed and puffed and blew the whole thing away! That would be mean :P

I think that's a marshmallow volcano! I feel light setting fire to it and eating it! haha

Look its a Rainbow Island!

I don't know why, but it reminds me of Care Bears! Remember that cartoon?

Sooooo pretty....

It's a massive Sugar World!

I wonder how they clean it up? eat it all? or just vacumn it all up? Either way, it's such a waste!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

LOTD: Xteener's Barbie Purple Smokey Eyes

I love this look! If you don't know Xteener from Youtube already, you should definitely watch her vids. She is very talented! I love all her makeup videos and she is a whiz at blending eyeshadows. I love her hair too- super shiny!

Here is a recent video and she calls it the Barbie Purple Smokey Eyes. I tried it out today. Mine isn't as good as hers but I did learn that if you use a sticky base on your lids, you can make your eyeshadow colour really stand out. Or you can wet your brush too. I forgot to do that so my colours are a bit muted.

Pretty daisies! Is it daisies?? Well, it inspired me to do this look too!

Products I used:
  • Skinfood BB Cream
  • MAC Select moisture cover NC20
  • Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
  • Nars Eyeshadow Palette Jolie Poupee (the matte purple shade on the left)
  • Shu Uemura Eyeshadows
  • MAC Plumage (matte)
  • BBrown Gel Liner Black Ink
  • Rimmel Kohl Liner "Jungle Green"
  • Loreal Telescopic Mascara
  • Revlon Powder Blush "Sandalwood Beige"
  • Revlon Lipstick "Ginger Rose"
  • MAC "Early Bloomer" Lipgloss

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Search for the Perfect Brow- Threading:Yes or No?

I want to get nice eyebrows for my wedding and need to look at options that won't cost me a bomb! My hair grows really quickly so I usually do it myself at home. It's not perfect but I got makeup to cover my boo boos:)

Anyway, I have been considering threading. Threading is a techniue used by skilled professionals to remove facial hair. It uses a piece of thread in a scissor-like action and it's meant to last for weeks. I have heard it's great and also it's not that great! I am deciding whether or not to try it?

Here is a lil background info from an article I read:

"This method of hair elimination has a number of advantages. For instance, it is neat, rather fast, inexpensive and it is considered to be less painful than plucking. It is good for eyebrows and its effect, like after plucking, can last up from two to four weeks.Compared to waxing, hair removal threading has a number of benefits as well. First of all, it does not peel off a layer of skin. After the procedure the hair does not grow back as fast. Skin does not get as irritated and red. Hair removal threading can pull off specific individual hair. Besides, the hair doesn't have to be long, but just above the skin. The procedure will never produce more hairs or make hairs stronger. Hair removal threading is really good at picking up the finest hair from the surface leaving skin smooth."

For those who live in Perth- I think Matt Yuko in Claremont is the best one in town that does eyebrow shaping (Not threading) but it costs $50 a session. I tried it once and was impressed. But I think you need to continue going there on a regular basis to keep it well maintained. Plus he is so hard to get a booking. You need to be on waiting lists or book few months in advance! Crazy! I don't know how my eyebrows will be like in a few months! ahaha
At the moment I do my eyebrows myself but would like someone to "shape it" for me and I just tweeze the rest. I also cut my hairs since it gets really ruly and untidy! I avoid shaving though!
Please! If anyone has recommendations or other type of methods you use that worked great for you - let me in on your secret! :P