Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Amazing Face" Book by Zoe Foster

Recently bought this book at David Jones (my favourite bookstore "Borders" closed down!) and just got through a few pages last night and loving it so far!

 Zoe Foster has some great tips! Plus she gives recommendations on specific products -a lot of beauty books don't do that. It's always very general. "Amazing Face" is straight to the point and very easy to read. I love the "Quick Ten Minute Face" tip. Very handy for busy mums!  

I forgot I had lipstick on when I gave Lucas a quick peck on the forehead. He is wearing my favourite lipstick at the moment- MAC Hibiscus from the Surf Baby collection.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Net-a-Porter purchases!

Here are my shoe purchases on Net-a-Porter which is on sale at the moment and there are further reductions on some items. I love to spend more but my budget only allows for these three shoes which are supposed to be "everyday" shoes. A big lie since none of them are very comfortable to wear for more than ten minutes! haha

So here is what I bought......
Miu MiuCanvas and wooden block-heel sandals

MarniSatin bow slingbacks

Pedro GarciaTamira suede wedge sandals

I was hoping the Pedro Garcia wedges would be comfortable but they are so not! But they do make my legs look long and skinny (they are definitely on the short and stumpy side) so I will save it for occasions where I don't all! haha

I have yet to try the other two shoes but I am pretty sure it will not be practical for going out with baby. I have a fear of stacking it with my heels with baby in my arms. So I stick to flats for now!

I bought a pair of flats from witchery after walking down the mall in those wedges. I'm sure people were looking at me and thinking why this girl is walking like a pigeon?

Darcy Moc Flats from Witchery

Yay for flats!