Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Hairstyles

I am looking for a hairstyle for my wedding. I am loving this one from Taylor Swift (She's so gorgeous!) and the makeup too! Unfortunately, I'm not a blonde with blue eyes so I'm pretty sure this look doesn't suit me at all!

But then I found a similar style from Eva Longoria!

I don't want to have my hair all up- the hairstylists will need heaps of hairspray to keep my heavy hair up! Plus I usually look like a grandma with my hair up in a bun or something like that. So I want something loose, natural and a bit curly.
Here is pic of me at my sister's wedding early this year and she bought these humungous flower accessory to match our shoes. You either love it or hate it! Me? Eh...anything goes as long as my sister is happy on her wedding day:) And yes, that's my little sister next to me....she is so much taller and skinnier than me!


sheri amor said...

in my opinion.. well.. I think that even though ur smaller that her.. ur cuter to look at :)

Anonymous said...

I love Taylor Swift. I think her looks are always gorgeous. Totally love her style! <3

Roseilee said...

you look beautiful hun!! and i love both the styles!!! so pretty!! =)

KiLLaCaM said...

thts loose do is so pretty. I'd prefer something loose for my wedding too. Those big flowers are cute in your hair! i think i'll make my bridesmaids do that too :)

whens the date?

funkiimonkee said...

Hi Killacam:) Thanks for dropping by! How is your planning going? I am doing zilch, zero, nothing yet! Just not really in the mood to plan wedding atm! Its in January so I better get cracking!