Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nail Art is Not for me!

I tried Nail Art for the first time in Singapore. I was shopping all day and I wanted to just sit down somewhere and just get pampered. So I popped into the first nail spa I saw. The lady next to me was doing something glittery so I just told the girl to do the same thing- I was too exhausted to think! They gave me a drinks menu with lots of tea options- my favourite! I chose a green tea and put my head back to enjoy my pampering session.

The end result was kind of ewwww...ahhaah don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it's because my hands are gross- I have stubby hands and fingers and really bad nails to start off with! This nail art did not do my hands any favours!

I couldn't wait to peel off those diamond studs- they felt like pimples on my finger nails- so yuk!

Anyway, I have been trying this new new lipstick by Bloop. I bought it at the Singapore Airport. It's an invisible lipstick which reacts to heat on your lips and changes to a bright pink colour! How fun!

It is very very pink- just something fun to do! The formula is oily and feels like lipgloss. The smell is not my cup of tea either! Like expired lollies? But otherwise its a very good moisturising lipstick.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hooray! I am Back Online!

I have been offline for the last month- anyone using iiNet? It's a pain for sure- especially when you are trying to plan a wedding overseas and they keep disconnecting you all because we moved houses!

Anyway onto more happier things! Thank you for all your comments on our wedding- it really made me so happy:) Here are some happy pics from our marriage ceremony (this was before the actual wedding day!) We did a simple ceremony at the registration office. I was so nervous!

Yay! It's official!

Don't know what I was doing with my dress! ahahha I think I was nervous and had nothing else to do. There was a lot of waiting around.

Straight after was my dreaded Hen's Night. My sister was organising it and she is a much more outgoing person than me and I was scared she was going to do the usual strippers, lots of drinking and the typical things we do at Hen's Nights!

So I was pleasantly surprised when she did exactly what I wanted- a tea dinner party with no strippers or anything of the sort! Phew! I didn't have to wear a veil or anything sparkly and humiliating- just a big bow headband! The closest thing to a phallic symbol was this cute strawberries dipped in chocolate! ahahha Thanks Tash! They were yummy!

More yummy finger foods courtesy of Natasha- so talented!

Here was a surprise for me- there were drawing stands outside....

What are we drawing??

A naked man! ahah I knew my sister will think of something raunchy- but ummm it was an older man. She requested for someone young and good looking but oh was interesting!

Had a teacher showing us the ropes of Chalk drawing. I really enjoyed it!

Afterwards we had a dinner- my sister managed to get a good looking chef to cook for us! He should have been the one posing for us for our chalk drawing lesson! ahha

I love the decor- she made it a "Shelley in Wonderland theme" and I honestly think it rivalled my wedding day!

Chef making the desserts- looking great!

I can never get sick of chocolate dessserts and this one was really delicious.

Thank you to the girls who organised it! It was a real fun night and great catching up with everyone:)