Saturday, December 19, 2009

Update: No Internet again! :(

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! My internet provider accidentally cancelled my connection:( Must be from moving houses and they got confused and cancelled our account. So annoying- I have to wait another 3 weeks to get connected again! By that time I will be in Malaysia and getting married- I can't believe I will be married in two weeks time!

My wedding dress didn't fit last week when I tried it on so I have been on a super slimming program of eating nothing more than a fist size portion of food each meal time. I tell ya now it is the hardest thing for me to do! Especially when I will be in Singapore next week! So sad- I love the food in Singapore! I manage to lose one kilo which may be enough- just so I can breathe in my dress! haha:P

Just want to wish everyone a very very merry xmas and a happy happy new year!

Will post more after the holidays and there will be wedding pics and lots more posts next year!

Happy hoildays!

I wish I could enjoy a snowing Christmas one day instead of a hot one!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Head is Full Of Alice!

Right now, everything in my life is just weddings wedding weddings. I will be so glad when it is all over. I know it sounds really bad- it isn't really haha but I am tired of planning. I just want the day to come quickly because I am excited and can't wait to get married now. I think a year of planning is wayyy too long.

I am dreaming about Alice in Wonderland nearly every night! It's crazy! ahha I even watched the cartoon just get ideas for my stationery and cupcakes etc etc. No wonder! :P

Alice in Wonderland movie is coming out next year and it looks very different from the Disney version! Tim Burton style! I think it might be a bit scary? ahha for kids anyway. I was scared when I first watched the cartoon- yeah I know....I am a wuss:)

The characters look great- although I am not sure why is there a White Queen and a Red Queen? Isn't there only supposed to be a Queen of Hearts? Maybe I didn't do enough reseach!! haha No thanks- I am Aliced out!

Off topic- I used my French & Fabulous Palette again. This time I used the "Poodle Puff Raisin & Poodle Puff Pink". Love the names! hehe

Also tried the Revlon Colourstay Liquid Liner instead of the usual BBrown Gel Liner. I must say- the black is very intense and the little ink pot is easy to use and not messy at all. I am using the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation which is too light for me. I thought I picked up my Laura Mercier Foundation- they look very similar!

Something I've been snacking on- it's a Korean version of "Hello Panda" but not as tasty!

Yummy sushi from Yoshiya in Perth! It's my fave Japanese restaurant at the moment. Everything tasted yummy!

I know majority of the people who commented on the Lash Injection Vs Smoky Lash (previous post) have picked the Lash Injection as the preferred mascara. But....I am still in love with my MUFE Smoky Lash? I soooooo miss it! It's too bad they don't sell it here in Perth. :(

Here is what Fatinexx had to say about it- she loves it too:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lash Injection Mascara Vs Smoky Lash

Ok, here is a comparison of two similar mascaras (they both claim to be lengthening & volumising)

  Makeup Forever Smoky Lash ......
(pics from a previous post)

Too Faced Lash Injection......

before mascara (left) and after application (right and bottom)

Please let me know what you think? Which one is better? Sorry the lighting is so yellow! I have to remember to change my globe!

I finally got to use my French & Fabulous Palette- I used the top two colours for my eyes (Totally Toasted Brown and Beige) and also the Pink Leopard Bronzer........

  Can't wait to try the rest:)

 Other products used here:
Laura Mercier Liquid Foundation
Makeup Forever HD Powder
 BBrown Concealer & Gel Liner in Black Ink
MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick "Cutester"
 Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara

Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Purchases!

Did some shopping this weekend- I was meant to buy only wedding stuff! I got a bit distracted haha!

I really like this palette by Too Faced "French & Faboulous"- its got all you need in one kit- I thought it would be good for travelling which I can bring with me for my wedding in Jan? :P

I would definitely use all the colours in the kit so it's worth every dollar! My favourite is the Pink Leopard bronze. Will take some pics on how these colours look when I put it on:)

Kit Lipglosses in "Best in Show" & "Maybe Just Once"- I couldn't pick which one to get so I got them both!

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara- Lengthens and Thickens. I was looking for a substitue for the MUFE Smoky Lash. Will do a review on this later!

The brush is quite big- which I like!

All the above was bought from Kit Cosmetics. They have great gift packs for Xmas!

This was an impulse buy from Alannah Hill! I was looking for a clutch for my wedding....and I thought this goes well with the Alice in Wonderland theme- ok I just really like the favourite colour! I even plan on wearing red lips for the wedding:)

Using my SKII Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask- I have to use this once a week for month and everyday for the last three days before the wedding day...I hope it works! It's meant to brighten and give you a glow:) Sorry if I scare you! My fiance calls this the Hannibal Lector mask!

I am addicted to this song at the moment...found it from Eki's Blog. She has such an angelic voice- really relaxing.......

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sana Pore Vacuumer Review

Sana Pore Vacuumer Hot Gommage (Hot gel) contains Morocco Volcanic Lava and Witch Hazel that heats up your skin and cleanses the pores and also tightens your pores too- so it claims!

I really like this product! It feels hot when in contact with water and it contains some exfoliating granules which means I get smooth skin as well:) It didn't really unclog my pores but it definitely smooths out all the rough skin and feels much cleaner afterwards. I prefer using this than squeezing the whiteheads out- very bad! Overall, it's a great product and I will definitely buy it again:)


As you can see, it is a thick grey cream- I apply a lot! Have to be careful not to apply too much as it gets really HOT instantly. I use it on my T-zone area although it says it's for the nose area :P Looks pretty gross doesn't it? In case you are wondering, I got this from Watsons in Singapore. Not available here in Australia so I will have to stock up next time I go to Singapore!

Foundations Review: Which is my pick?

These are some of my favourite bases in my makeup drawer at the moment. I rotate all of them around everyday depending on my mood or what coverage I need that day. I have no idea how I will finish all of them!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

This is a great foundation with medium to full coverage. I wear this on days when my skin needs extra coverage. I don't usually need to apply concealer on top as the foundation itself is sufficient. It's a very creamy texture and doesn't feel heavy and cakey. I really like the formula and the colour suits my yellow based skin tone. I also tried a sample size of the Diorskin Nude foundation which is similar to this but I definitely prefer Laura Mercier!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I bought this based on rave reviews by many people on blogs and on youtube...yes I got sucked in! I had to buy it and try it for myself. It is very light and gives a nice dewy finish. I think the colour I got was too pale for me so I probably save it for winter. Other than that I think it's a very good foundation. If you like the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation- this is something you might want to try. Personally, I think Luminous Silk is better than BBrown because I like the extra covergae. Skin foundation was a bit sheerer which means it's only good for people with naturally good skin :( not me!  I haven't really found a good BBrown foundation yet.

Korres Wild Rose Foundation

Korres Wild Rose foundation is great for people with normal to dry skin....I have oily combination skin so this was a bit problematic for me later on in the day- I found the foundation starts to slide a bit around my nose and mouth (where there is a lot fo movement and oily areas!). However, on application I thought it was really easy to blend- but need to blend quickly before the foundation sets. I didn't need to powder after applying and it gives a nice satin finish. It contains natural ingredients that are good for your skin too!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Missha's BB Cream is the first BB Cream that I tried and it's still one of my favourites- but it only comes in two colours light and medium and they are both quite fair. So I wouldn't recommend it to people who have slightly tanned or dark skin. It might make you look ashy and grey. For me, it was a really good foundation as it gives good coverage, blends very nicely, long lasting and it supposed to be good for your skin too. I set it with my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder for a really flawless look. I didn't notice any effects on my skin- it's just a good foundation! Very cheap to buy too:)

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser

For the days where I can't be bothered with heavy makeup- I use my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. It's so easy to apply and evens out my skin tone. It gives a very natural finish- barely there makeup look. Great formula and I also set it with my Mineral Powder to make it last longer. This is not something I would use on days when you need a bit of coverage- its doesn't last all day. A few hours and your face will need a touch up otherwise you look like you're glowing- and not in a good way! Good for lazy days:)

Laura Mercier Hydrating Liquid Foundation (Oil-Free)

I buy alot of Laura Mercier bases! I think her bases are one of the best so far:) This is the hydrating oil free liquid foundation which I bought specifically for my wedding day- it's still my choice for now. Similar to Korres Wild Rose Foundation where is gives a satin finish but it lasts longer on my skin. No sliding around like the Korres Wild Rose and the colour matches me perrrrfecctly! It's got no spf so it's good for photography. I also set this with my LM Mineral Powder so it gives a really flawless face. Comparable with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk but LM gives a bit more coverage.

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

I have to say something about this powder! It's one of my favourites! I use it practically everyday. I also use the MUFE High Definition Powder. LM Mineral Powder is great when you apply on top of your liquid foundation- it makes you pores smaller and smooths out your base and looks really natural. You can also use it on its own. The coverage depends on what brush you use to apply it. I use a Kabuki brush to buff it into my skin and it gives more coverage. If you want a lighter touch you can try using  a normal powder brush.

Which is my pick?

I have to say- Laura Mercier Hydrating Oil Free foundation!

I would like to know what you guys think. I still have to try out Nars Sheer Glow/ Matte Foundation? I heard great reviews on that so hopefully I can get it soon. I will do a review on it when I do:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Origins "A Perfect World" Body Cream

A friend gave this as a gift- and I really love it! So does my fiance! Usually he hates any type of body cream smell. Even my hand cream smells funny to hard to please. Finally I road test the Origin's Body Cream (A Perfect World- with white tea) and he actually likes the smell. So I am extremely happy that I can finally moisturise my body without offending his nose:)

It's not only my fiance that hates scented creams....all the guys at work all hate my hand cream that I use at work. (Mecca Cosmetica's Hand Glove Cream On-The-Go) They all run away from me when I apply it on! hahah It's not really a great scent but I guess it smells a bit unusual. Oh well. It cost me $40 so I'm going to use it but I won't be buying it again- even though it is a great hand cream!

Back on topic, the Origin's Body cream is quite a thick consistency but not at all greasy. It's super rich and can be used anywhere on your body. I use it as a hand cream too. The smell isn't overpowering and smells tea! ahahha I love my teas so I don't mind it:)

Here is a pic of the guy I am planning to marry....Mr. Funkiimonkee! The lil girl is going..."Why?!!! Are you sure??!!"

Acutally these two lil girls are going to be my flower girls. My fiance's two nieces:) Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eating Out & Wedding Invites!

I found my camera charger! So now I can finally upload some pics:) Moving house means I had no internet which was refreshing in a way- you find other things to do. For me, I just had a heap of paperwork to do! Not very fun.....

I also had no fridge or washing machine for about two weeks- so we ate out a lot!

Here is a new ramen noodle house that just opened- "Arigatoya". So I was a bit excited about going to try it out. Unfortunately, since it was their first day opening, they only had Shoyu Ramen (Soy based) and you can either choose that or a bigger size.

You can also choose a "dipping" Ramen as well. I thought it was something different so I gave that a go. It is actually the same as the normal soup ramen except they separate the soup and noodle. That was it! I would prefer the noodles in the soup.

Even though they had only one flavour available, the menu was quite confusing. They actually listed the ingredients in each dish. Which can be a good thing if you want to know exactly what you are eating:)

Shoyu Ramen...

Dipping Ramen!

Overall it was a good eat, it is a bit pricey for ramen but it is a big serving of noodles! I saw recently that they have added new things to their menu so you can get a bit more variety now!

If you want to try it is located in Northbridge, Roe Street near China Town.

Another Japansese restaurant I tried is Zen (Subiaco Square) and I hear that they are new owners so I was a bit curious. My friend saw an ad in a magazine and it had a picture of the restaurant showing that they had floor seating like the ones in Japan. But it turned out it was just a random picture they put in the magazine not related to Zen at all! We made do with normal seats! haha

The menu had heaps of options- many many choices. Too many that we decided to go with the special course. You get a bit of everything:)

Love the presentation!

This is the steak on a grill hot plate- this was really yummy and the beef they used was very high quality. I love it!

Finished off with Green Tea Ice Cream- sorry I ate it too fast and forgot to take a picture. ahaha

I saw other people ordering the Sashimi on a boat- which was huge! I would love to try that next time- it was about $80 so you gotta love your sashimi:)

On final note....I got my wedding invitations! It was letterpressed by a company called Artisan Press and the invites was designed by a very nice lady- Natasha from Moments of Colour. I think she closed her business recently?! Anyway I loved the invites:) She even made a map which looked like a Queen of Hearts playing card!

Ok its time to cook dinner- I got my fridge and washing machine now. Which means more cooking and washing to do!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Countdown:6 Weeks till New Year & Our Wedding!

Finally! I got Internet connection:) And I just realised that there is only 6 weeks left to go before I get married! I feel a bit excited and also looking forward to a holiday too.

My camera is dead at the moment- I lost my charger during the move and I still can't find it! I might have to buy another one! Very annoying...and I know that it will turn up much later somewhere in my pile of things- story of my life!

But I just discovered some mobile pics that my fiance took when he proposed last year at the Gayana Resort, Sabah Malaysia. Looking at them makes me all excited again about our wedding! I admit, planning your own wedding can be stressful and not as fun as I hoped it would be! But now it's just around the corner- I feel excited. I am repeating myself haha

This is where he hid the ring- under the rose petals in a big shell. I messed up the beautiful swan arangement- I tried to fix it for the photo but they didn't look as nice as what the staff at Gayana Resort did. They were so thoughtful! I recommend any couple to go there for a time out. Service is above exellent! There are a lot of other islands you can go to but Gayana is the cleanest and not many people around so you can get more privacy.

These were the biggest flowers he gave me- it cost a bomb so I feel I had to take a picture since I won't be bringing it back with me to the mainland!

This the morning after- me sporting my new ring...I can't pose for nuts! hehe

The breakfast was soooooo yummy!

This is the beach- the weather was a bit cloudy and rainy but it didnt spoil the mood at all. I can't wait to go there again! Yay! I am counting down!