Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hauls: Lipstick Cravings

I blame it on work- there is no time to go shopping nowadays. So naturally, I go crazy when I did find the time this week. I thought I lost all interest in makeup these few months. Boy was I wrong!

I also blame it on this video from one of my fave youtube makeup gurus- its an old one and she hasn't been making any new ones lately which is pretty sad......anyway to cheer myself up I thought I would buy the Lacvert lipstick in "Yuna Pink" and the lipgloss too in "Lovely Yuna". It looks like such a pretty colour! I had to have it!

In the meantime, while I wait for my purchases to come through the mail (its probably going to be two weeks!) and I am so impatient- so I went and bought the MAC Viva Glam -Lady Gaga Lipstick. Its a real pretty light blue pink. Surprisingly it is very tame kind of pink which is unlike Lady Gaga's adventurous makeup looks. Still- I love it!

While I was at the MAC Counter, I spotted the Spring Colour Forecast Collection. It's nothing special to me...but lately I have been wearing lots of golds and bronzes so I really like the Colour 4 eyeshadow palette. It's all I need for my daily makeup look.

Since I was on a roll, I bought my very first YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in no.1 (Nude Beige) and also the matching YSL Lipgloss. Oh, and I also had 6 empty Mac shadow pots and I exchanged them for a lippie in "Speed Dial".

Swatches: Top: Speed Dial and Bottom: YSL Rouge Volupte Nude Beige

The YSL Lipstick is very creamy- it literally just glides on! However- the colour does not suit me at all! Actually it makes me looks so washed out and tired. Maybe Nudes don't suit me- I need some colour! I guess I will have to buy another colour next time hehe:P Any suggestions???


Kasia_B said...

Great buys! :)

sophia said...

Oooh I have the gaga l/s too! I didn't know it was "blue" pink, but I am a bit color blind >.<

Congrats on the YSL purchase! I want one too... but haven't got the balls to splurge yet :(

Hmm I tried a lipstick by NYC called "Orange Soda" - it's a nice orange/peach/nude lipstick! I recommend this, or a peach lipstick, over nude, because it adds a slight pop of color but is also slightly nude :)

sophia said...

Oooh thanks for sharing that video too ~ I have eyes similar to her so it's really great to watch! I think she's the only person I've seen on youtube so far who has eyes and skin color similar to me!!! Everyone else is either monolid, or have deep set big eyes and dark skin.

sizbelle said...

miss your post!

so now you got a reason to do some shopping after the hard work..

you might wana try YSL #13 peach passion, its a very lovely shade for fair skin..

Anonymous said...

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funkiimonkee said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Can't wait to go shopping again:)

petrina said...

I don't wear nudes as they make me look washed out too! Try MAC Hot Tahiti and On Hold :)