Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hauls: Lipstick Cravings

I blame it on work- there is no time to go shopping nowadays. So naturally, I go crazy when I did find the time this week. I thought I lost all interest in makeup these few months. Boy was I wrong!

I also blame it on this video from one of my fave youtube makeup gurus- its an old one and she hasn't been making any new ones lately which is pretty sad......anyway to cheer myself up I thought I would buy the Lacvert lipstick in "Yuna Pink" and the lipgloss too in "Lovely Yuna". It looks like such a pretty colour! I had to have it!

In the meantime, while I wait for my purchases to come through the mail (its probably going to be two weeks!) and I am so impatient- so I went and bought the MAC Viva Glam -Lady Gaga Lipstick. Its a real pretty light blue pink. Surprisingly it is very tame kind of pink which is unlike Lady Gaga's adventurous makeup looks. Still- I love it!

While I was at the MAC Counter, I spotted the Spring Colour Forecast Collection. It's nothing special to me...but lately I have been wearing lots of golds and bronzes so I really like the Colour 4 eyeshadow palette. It's all I need for my daily makeup look.

Since I was on a roll, I bought my very first YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in no.1 (Nude Beige) and also the matching YSL Lipgloss. Oh, and I also had 6 empty Mac shadow pots and I exchanged them for a lippie in "Speed Dial".

Swatches: Top: Speed Dial and Bottom: YSL Rouge Volupte Nude Beige

The YSL Lipstick is very creamy- it literally just glides on! However- the colour does not suit me at all! Actually it makes me looks so washed out and tired. Maybe Nudes don't suit me- I need some colour! I guess I will have to buy another colour next time hehe:P Any suggestions???

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opening Party- Zensaki

Sorry been missing in blogging world for a long while....I have been sooo busy at work. Its just work and sleep and sometimes no sleep at all for the last few weeks! I miss my time to myself and shopping and watching movies- things I took for granted before.

Life has been quite exciting with the opening of the new restaurant and not to mention stressful! Here are some pics of our opening party- thanks to all for supporting us!:))))

Aargh! Loredo from "So you think you can dance" paid us a visit at our restaurant and everyone took photos with him- I didn't know who he was! I never watched the show! He came for our Fish Teriyaki & Katsu Don- and he came again the very next day and this time we got his autograph:) He says he loves the Teriyaki Fish- Yay!

Here is a vid of one of his dances with talented:) He is in town doing the "Chicago" show at Burswood - so sad...I got no time to see it!

A gift from a guy who likes to make fun of me!

At least someone likes the hat more than me ehhe

I bought some things from Marcs at Ennex- just the top and bag. I needed a clothes fix. My wardrobe is getting so boring.......

Had brekky at Greenhouse- yummy pancakes!

and yummy breakfast pizza.....

Congrats to Martina & Darren who just got a married!

Phew! What a month- time flies by soooo quickly! Looking forward to the long weekend.......