Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Big Chop!

Yes, I have finally decided to get the "big chop"- talking about my hair of course!

So sick and tired to washing long hair- it's very high maintenance and it weighs a tonne! I have lots of hair and I lose a LOT of hair too! I think I have long hair for so long now and I just need a change. The only reason I kept it long is for the wedding- now that's over and done...I will go for it! I can't wait:)

Now....which style to choose?

Eva-I like this! Simple and clean with a deep side looks like something that's easy to maintain.

Hayden- I like her lipstick! ahahha and her hair too of course!

oooohhh choppy layers! Very nice! But don't think I can maintain this look on an everyday basis?

I wish my hair was this shiny- but unforntunately my hair tends to BOOF out a lot. Especially after a hair wash! I will need to layer a lot to get out all my thick hair!

I like this style! I will probably show the hairstylist this picture:) I like the parting to be quite to the side and also I want bangs but not too short. A fringe doesn't suit me!

Wow- I think this hair will make me look like a 5 year old! It looks great on Katie though!

Ok- bye bye to my long, long locks....I probably will have to close my eyes when they cut it all off! Scary but I'm also excited!

Stay tuned for the results............


Kasia_B said...

I really like Hayedn's and Kate's hair!! Lovely!

Kim said...

I like Eva's and Hayden's hair!! But I think any of the hairstyles will look gorgeous on you! Good luck and have fun!

Happy1234 said...

Eva hair looks lovely - im going for the chop too :). fed up of having no style to it.

Joyce said...

you are so brave! can't wait to see the after pictures :)

sophia said...

Oooh can't wait to see how it turns out! Love how Kate B looks.. but she's pretty no matter what! You will save soo much time drying your hair too :)

lisaa__ said...

i think with your face shape, number 1 will look GREAT on yoU! :D yay haircuts are always so exciting!! hehehe

i gave you a beautiful blogger award on my blog~!! :D

Dee said...

I'm loving Hayden, Kristin and Kate's hair suits your face shape hun. I can't wait to see the final look!