Monday, June 13, 2011

The Case of the Missing Lipsticks

I was looking for my favourite lipstick by Bloom in "Sassy" and realised it was not in my lipstick drawer (it looks like chaos in there!) and nearly cried! I actually purchased two of these because I love it so much. I know one I gave away to some bridesmaids after a makeup session and I still had one left. Now no more :(

Bloom Lipstick in Sassy

Napoleon Lipstick in DeVine Goddess

Another favourite lippie by Napoleon in DeVine Goddess is also missing! I suspect that I carry it in my handbags on a night out and then they disappear somehow.

The last time I wore Napoleon DeVine Goddess at my sister's Hen's Night. I think that's where I lost it! I remember putting it on everyone's lips to get them in a "Burlesque" mood....hmm maybe I'm glad I lost it so I can get a new one! :P

So I have been on the hunt again for similar shades. Bloom's Sassy is very hard to find. So I might scour the internet. I'm hoping the Napoleon one is still around!

Today I stumbled upon the new Mac Surf Baby Collection! The beachy babe thing isn't really me and the colours don't suit me but I saw the Hibiscus Lipstick and instantly fell in love! It's the perfect coral lipstick and suits my asian skin in love!

Mac Lipstick in Hibiscus from Surf Baby 2011 Collection

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