Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoe Upgrade @ Nine West

I went for lunch with my sister the other day and I was wearing my Joveeba leggings with my Birkenstocks sandals (which I thought was passable!) and straight away she made me buy new shoes!

Here is what she recommended I buy from NINE WEST to replace my good ol' Birkenstocks!  




They were both on sale and really comfortable to wear! Makes me feel great when I buy a nice pair of shoes. They are the last thing I think about when I put on an outfit and I always ruin the whole look by wearing really daggy shoes for the sake of comfort! I do have a baby to carry around already! haha But I am still wearing my Birkenstocks on some occasions- just not when I see my sister. Fashion Nazi she is!


Eve said...

Loll i love my birkenstock too! U got a fashion police in ur family! Thats kinda good and bad thing though! Really, those are comfortable?
I always buy shoes,heels,flats etc but most of the time i end up with birkenstock and wedges!
Flats always end up badly!:(

Funkiimonkee said...

I too love wedges!! Gives me height and also comfortable to wear:) I tried to buy one but my sister says it's so aunty looking ahahha