Monday, November 1, 2010

Countdown to Xmas!

This has been the longest I have gone without blogging- so many things happening this year and kept me busy busy busy! eg. Getting pregnant and turning the BIG 30! And the baby is due in 3 months time which means I have been pretty busy getting ready to welcome the little one into our home. Lots of shopping- mainly baby stuff- no beauty products for me for the longest time.....until now! I just could not help myself! I resisted all collections from MAC and even stopped buying any makeup whatsoever and I was so proud of myself. haha

Shu Uemura has come out with a gorgeous Xmas collection- "Abracadabra Fantasy" and I gave myself a really early present this year! :P I think I deserve a litlle gift for being so good all these months......

I got this cute blush tint in miracle cherry- can't wait to try this! 

The Reindeer Kiss palette and the cleansing oil (which I didn't see at the counter when I was there)

and the Bowwow Magic Queen palette. I couldn't choose between the two so I bought both. When you see the packaging and the colours you just fall in love!

I also grabbed the harmony pink lip duo tint- my favourite colour if you didn't notice :)

I like the love apricot but again, they didn't have this when I was at the counter which may be a good thing- its not cheap these products from Shu Uemura. At least you get get a free makeup bag for your purchases over $200- so adorable!

Honestly, the packaging really sucks you in- I still have to try the products itself but they look so pretty I can't seem to touch it! However the pencil liners look really cheap and comes in colours like pink, purple and baby blue which are very nice but not worth money in my opinion. Anyways check it out- I predict it's going to be sold out very quick:) 

Below is a short commercial of the collection- the song is so catchy!

Here is some happy snaps from our honeymoon trip to Japan......

My Dumbo.....hahhaa

Dranks lots of green tea but had to miss out on all that sashimi and sushi (I was 4 months preggers already- boo hoo!)

The biggest slice of watermelon I ever saw (and ate!) but it was yummy!


Joyce said...

the packaging is so very cute!!!

josephinechoo said...

Congratulations on your baby!!!

Pregnant women is really beautiful..I'm not pregnant yet,but hopefully I'm beautiful too.

Hope you can post one of your pregnant photo..

kalai said...

ahh.. i love shu's new xmas collection. i havent seen it on our counters yet though:( i'll have to ask. cz i really want it. the palette look so cute and the free bag you got^^

you look lovely in your pics. so happy~ aww i want a baby.ha but i dont even have a boyfriend.. ha..

good luck for you, your baby and your hubby! take care!!xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Congratulations!!! =D Well miss your blog post tho... Do review the blush tint!!!! =D