Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In desperate need of a new vanity desk!

I wish I can get a BIG vanity table for my room because the one I am using right now is so not practical! I have to make do with a crappy old table that my fiance picked up at his university because he has banned me from buying any furniture until our new house is ready. And it is way too small. I keep dropping things on the floor because things just simply roll off the table or I knock it off trying to get something. I also have an outdoor garden fold up chair to match! Lol! I have to put a pillow on it to prop myself up a bit higher to see my face in the mirror! I even fell off the chair once because its a folding chair so if you slide backwards the legs just fold. Something I learned the hard way!

So yes, its a war with my chair and table every morning. My fiance keeps telling me to put up with it for another year....(that's too long!) You see in the picture I have those stacker drawers to put all my stuff in, and it looks like they're going to break!

Anyway, I just wanted to vent my frustrations:/ I guess I'm lucky that I'm not banned from buying other things! (make up & games!) hehe :P

***playing STAR OCEAN on Xbox 360!***

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