Monday, June 29, 2009

Li Lash

I got my "Li Lash" in the mail today at work:) I can't wait to try this out as I have heard that it actually works and gives you fluttery long eyelashes to die for! (I hope so anyway!) I also received a cute little mirror with the purchase!

Here is the link to the ebay store:

They also sell Li Brow & Lash food which I haven't tried yet but one thing at a time cos I hear this stuff is quite potent!

Will let you guys know how I go after a month or so:)

If you've tried this I would love to hear about it!


VanityMakeup said...

oo i heard this was great! I wanna try it myself. :)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

OMG you got Lilash too, I've shared my Lilash experience over 4 weeks on my blog, this is fantastic, I've stoped using it for a whole month now just to give it a break but I'll start again, just keep going don't stop it'll grow like crazy after 4 weeks