Friday, November 20, 2009

Countdown:6 Weeks till New Year & Our Wedding!

Finally! I got Internet connection:) And I just realised that there is only 6 weeks left to go before I get married! I feel a bit excited and also looking forward to a holiday too.

My camera is dead at the moment- I lost my charger during the move and I still can't find it! I might have to buy another one! Very annoying...and I know that it will turn up much later somewhere in my pile of things- story of my life!

But I just discovered some mobile pics that my fiance took when he proposed last year at the Gayana Resort, Sabah Malaysia. Looking at them makes me all excited again about our wedding! I admit, planning your own wedding can be stressful and not as fun as I hoped it would be! But now it's just around the corner- I feel excited. I am repeating myself haha

This is where he hid the ring- under the rose petals in a big shell. I messed up the beautiful swan arangement- I tried to fix it for the photo but they didn't look as nice as what the staff at Gayana Resort did. They were so thoughtful! I recommend any couple to go there for a time out. Service is above exellent! There are a lot of other islands you can go to but Gayana is the cleanest and not many people around so you can get more privacy.

These were the biggest flowers he gave me- it cost a bomb so I feel I had to take a picture since I won't be bringing it back with me to the mainland!

This the morning after- me sporting my new ring...I can't pose for nuts! hehe

The breakfast was soooooo yummy!

This is the beach- the weather was a bit cloudy and rainy but it didnt spoil the mood at all. I can't wait to go there again! Yay! I am counting down!


Elise said...

it's all tooooo beautiful ! you are going to have the best time !

Have a great weekend

Sandra said...

cute pics, and best wishes with the wedding:)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Ohh those are very nice flowers!!! :) how sweet and another 6 weeks how exciting :)

xphoebelinax said...

awww that's so sweet! you looked beautiful :) i can't wait to see your wedding photos! :D where are you having it?

MsChikee said...

i am sooooo excited for you hun!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

im sooo exited for youuuuu!!!! wow!

Anonymous said...

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