Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Purchases!

Did some shopping this weekend- I was meant to buy only wedding stuff! I got a bit distracted haha!

I really like this palette by Too Faced "French & Faboulous"- its got all you need in one kit- I thought it would be good for travelling which I can bring with me for my wedding in Jan? :P

I would definitely use all the colours in the kit so it's worth every dollar! My favourite is the Pink Leopard bronze. Will take some pics on how these colours look when I put it on:)

Kit Lipglosses in "Best in Show" & "Maybe Just Once"- I couldn't pick which one to get so I got them both!

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara- Lengthens and Thickens. I was looking for a substitue for the MUFE Smoky Lash. Will do a review on this later!

The brush is quite big- which I like!

All the above was bought from Kit Cosmetics. They have great gift packs for Xmas!

This was an impulse buy from Alannah Hill! I was looking for a clutch for my wedding....and I thought this goes well with the Alice in Wonderland theme- ok I just really like the favourite colour! I even plan on wearing red lips for the wedding:)

Using my SKII Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask- I have to use this once a week for month and everyday for the last three days before the wedding day...I hope it works! It's meant to brighten and give you a glow:) Sorry if I scare you! My fiance calls this the Hannibal Lector mask!

I am addicted to this song at the moment...found it from Eki's Blog. She has such an angelic voice- really relaxing.......


Vanilla said...

wow the leopard bronzer looks very unique !hehe
does the SK II mask work?hehehe

Jamilla Camel said...

I love the Leopard!

I've used the SK-II Signs Cream, and I love it!

Miss K. You said...

I've been eye-ing that French & Fabulous palette.. great buys! wow wedding stuff- is the big day coming up soon? :)

Catherine said...

That clutch is positively gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

OoOO the toofaced palette is so pretty! The colors are so great for everyday use!! And I have the lash injection mascara too~ it does work really well, very volumizing!

Uinisan said...

I reckon red lips for a wedding look is so sexy and fabulous looking :) I've got to check out some of the cosmetics at Kit cosmetics soon too hahahahaha... (when I get the time~~~. Those tubes of lip glosses look huge!!! when will you ever finish those off? AHHAAHAAHHAA

pinkberri said...

The two-faced palette is so pretty!

It seems like the engagement year(s) and the months before the wedding is one of the best feelings ever. I'm so envious and can't wait until I can experience all that!! Congrats and I hope to see wedding pictures!

funkiimonkee said...

Vanilla: I hope it works! They aren't exactly cheap masks:( Will do a review after I use it for a full month!

JCamel: I got the the range too:) SO far it's great!

Miss K.You: Yes- 5 weeks left!

Catherine: I love it! It's an impulse buy I won't regret:)

Stacie: Yes, it is quite a good mascara- but what about the Smoky Lash?

Unisan: I love the colours! They are quite big- I never finish any of my glosses! got too many ehehe

Pink berri: Yes, it is a great time and very exciting! Thank you!

rene said...

how are Too Faced products? I have never tried them.
SK II masks before a wedding is so appropriate! They should give you the glow! After all they are so high end!

I am sure you are very excited every day from now till your wedding day!!!