Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eating Out & Wedding Invites!

I found my camera charger! So now I can finally upload some pics:) Moving house means I had no internet which was refreshing in a way- you find other things to do. For me, I just had a heap of paperwork to do! Not very fun.....

I also had no fridge or washing machine for about two weeks- so we ate out a lot!

Here is a new ramen noodle house that just opened- "Arigatoya". So I was a bit excited about going to try it out. Unfortunately, since it was their first day opening, they only had Shoyu Ramen (Soy based) and you can either choose that or a bigger size.

You can also choose a "dipping" Ramen as well. I thought it was something different so I gave that a go. It is actually the same as the normal soup ramen except they separate the soup and noodle. That was it! I would prefer the noodles in the soup.

Even though they had only one flavour available, the menu was quite confusing. They actually listed the ingredients in each dish. Which can be a good thing if you want to know exactly what you are eating:)

Shoyu Ramen...

Dipping Ramen!

Overall it was a good eat, it is a bit pricey for ramen but it is a big serving of noodles! I saw recently that they have added new things to their menu so you can get a bit more variety now!

If you want to try it is located in Northbridge, Roe Street near China Town.

Another Japansese restaurant I tried is Zen (Subiaco Square) and I hear that they are new owners so I was a bit curious. My friend saw an ad in a magazine and it had a picture of the restaurant showing that they had floor seating like the ones in Japan. But it turned out it was just a random picture they put in the magazine not related to Zen at all! We made do with normal seats! haha

The menu had heaps of options- many many choices. Too many that we decided to go with the special course. You get a bit of everything:)

Love the presentation!

This is the steak on a grill hot plate- this was really yummy and the beef they used was very high quality. I love it!

Finished off with Green Tea Ice Cream- sorry I ate it too fast and forgot to take a picture. ahaha

I saw other people ordering the Sashimi on a boat- which was huge! I would love to try that next time- it was about $80 so you gotta love your sashimi:)

On final note....I got my wedding invitations! It was letterpressed by a company called Artisan Press and the invites was designed by a very nice lady- Natasha from Moments of Colour. I think she closed her business recently?! Anyway I loved the invites:) She even made a map which looked like a Queen of Hearts playing card!

Ok its time to cook dinner- I got my fridge and washing machine now. Which means more cooking and washing to do!


witoxicity said...

Oh, yummy yummy! All that food looks so delish!

I can't see too clearly but the wedding invites look classy in the photo! I hope all the preparations are going well. :)

Elise said...

all that food looks wonderful - you have been busy !

xphoebelinax said...

the wedding invitations look beautiful! :D if you want cheap and REALLY good ramen, i suggest NAO that's in the city :) it is the best ramen ever! :)

funkiimonkee said...

Yes! I agree Nao's Ramen is pretty tasty:P But I always end up drinking heaps of water?! I like their gyozas too:)

HT said...

I love your invites! So cute!

Pop Champagne said...

the presentation is great!! Mmm I love ramein :D

kavukz said...

Yummy ramen!!

wedding invitations look nicely done..and goodluck for the busy schedule ahead!

Anonymous said...

Your wedding invitations are so adorable!

Marnelli Anne said...

Tagged yah!:)