Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Origins "A Perfect World" Body Cream

A friend gave this as a gift- and I really love it! So does my fiance! Usually he hates any type of body cream smell. Even my hand cream smells funny to hard to please. Finally I road test the Origin's Body Cream (A Perfect World- with white tea) and he actually likes the smell. So I am extremely happy that I can finally moisturise my body without offending his nose:)

It's not only my fiance that hates scented creams....all the guys at work all hate my hand cream that I use at work. (Mecca Cosmetica's Hand Glove Cream On-The-Go) They all run away from me when I apply it on! hahah It's not really a great scent but I guess it smells a bit unusual. Oh well. It cost me $40 so I'm going to use it but I won't be buying it again- even though it is a great hand cream!

Back on topic, the Origin's Body cream is quite a thick consistency but not at all greasy. It's super rich and can be used anywhere on your body. I use it as a hand cream too. The smell isn't overpowering and smells tea! ahahha I love my teas so I don't mind it:)

Here is a pic of the guy I am planning to marry....Mr. Funkiimonkee! The lil girl is going..."Why?!!! Are you sure??!!"

Acutally these two lil girls are going to be my flower girls. My fiance's two nieces:) Aren't they cute?


Sooshi said...

oh nooo, now I wish I'd gotten this at Origins FF sale which just ended! I actually love the scent of this whole line. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check this out.
Love the family photos!