Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tip of the Day- The Red Lip

You need a bit of confidence to carry off the red lip. I am a big fan of the look but I find it is high maintenance as I can be messy when I eat! (I love food too much to worry about my make up!)

However, I do use red lipstick for those special occassions like a girl's night out where there isn't a lot of eating involved. Here are some tips I use to prevent looking like Joker!

  • Use a neutral lip liner to create a clean line. Make sure you fill in your lips too.
  • To prevent bleeding around the edges, powder around- not on top of your lips.
  • A creamy or matte lipstick is better for a strong red lipstick look.
  • Choose red lipstick with blue undertones to make teeth look whiter.
  • After you apply your lipstick, blot and powder and apply another layer to make it last.
  • Stick you finger into your mouth and pull it out (like your sucking your finger) to prevent lipstick getting on your teeth.
  • Smile and check your overall look. You can use a bit of gloss/shimmer to make your lips larger as red lipstick tends to make lips smaller.
  • Use a straw when you drink so you don't ruin all your hardwork!

If you have any great tips please share with me!


Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Great tips!

Liparazzi said...

Fantastic tips, unfortunately I can't pull off the old statement lip that well...but my best friend loves the look so I will pass the info onto her. Check out my blog sometime, I just launched a Miss World contest and I think you would like it :)