Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Sundays

I like enjoying weekends where I can just bludge and do nothing! We need that kind of relaxation once in while:) I'm going to enjoy it while I can! Just before I head out for dinner just want to share a look I did- very simple and understated. I am going to be chowing korean food soon so no need to look too pretty! Trust me I don't eat very pretty anyway! :P

Sorry the pics look orange! I am trying to work out how to take pictures up close to your eyes without the flash- my fiance told me off for doing it so close with flash on! oopps!

I am using a bit of gold liner, black liner and teal liner all in one! Eyeshadows are MAC All that Glitters, Jest & Woodwinked. Mascara I am using is Maybelline Stilletto.

Ahhhh! This picture is much better! No more Ooopa Lumpa Orange Tan gone wrong!

Face products: Missha Perfect cover BB Cream (too light for me!) and MAC Beauty Powder in Fun & Games.
I am using Revlon's Ginger Rose lipstick- A very neutral everyday lipcolour:)

And lastly, here is a pic of my very badly done nails! I cannot do nice nails no matter how much I try! It's Dream Run by Kit Cosmetics.


Kym said...

love the simple look :) and yesss, we all need a lazy weekend sometimes! i've been on "GO!GO!GO!" mode for the last few months!

LK said...

Lovely look!! Your lashes look amazing!! And I want your skin :( It's flawless!

mercurylady said...

I love your eye makeup! It really makes your eye pop!