Saturday, September 12, 2009

LOTD & How I Spend my Friday Night

My look for today! Shu Uemura Gel Liner in Turquoise! (again!) I needed to add something a bit brighter today since it's such gloomy weather right now :( I used with MAC Star Violet E/Shadow and a bit of B.Brown E/Shadow in Mahogany.
Kit Lipgloss in Dreamcatcher & Benefit Dandelion

I have some free time this friday night so I decided to depot some MAC eyeshadows! Here is my my finished product! I dug my nails into my fave eyeshadow "Satellite Dreams" and I just sat there in shock for a full minute! I was very upset :( Such a big hole too! Depotting is a very tedious thing to do! And messy! Oh well, at least now I have compacted my eyeshadow collections into one palette- almost! I still have some more to depot. I need another palette!

After that I decided to do a mask since I haven't done one in a while! I used SKII Skin brightening mask. It's veryyyy good:) Makes my skin feel baby bottom smooth!
Here is a scary pic!

I totally forgot about my friend's dessert night tonight! I can't believe I could forget something so tasty! A whole night just gossiping and eating yummy desserts! How fun is that!? I am going to go now before it's all gone :P Have a great weekend!


BeauMakeUp said...

Wow that is gorgeous! You have such pretty eyes! :)
I love face masks like that! I look like Hannibal Lector for a while but afterwards my skin is lovely!
Xx <3

Becks said...

love the look, it's so vibrant!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i love bows; i've got one tattoo'd on my wrist :) and it's kinda a nickname that's been with me since i was a tiny baby and i've still not being able to grow out of it aha! thankss, i'm a follower of you too :) woo! cute blog BTW.

Anonymous said...

The turquoise liner is beautiful on you! I love how it's suttle and not to bright or dramatic. Great job <3

Kym said...

heehee, love the mask pic! have fun at dessert night!! what a nice way to spend your friday! :)

Pop Champagne said...

oooh I really like the tuequoise eyeliner! It looks really hot on you :D And how do you get your eyelashes that thick and long?! I wanna know the secret hehehe I always think that my eyelashes are too thin.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I like that eye liner on you and now you must be enjoying your baby bottom smooth skin hehe :)

Have a good weekend too!!

Catherine said...

Cute eye and lol @ the mask. That's a new shape there and totally startled me when I first saw it LOL.

And omg girl, how could you forget dessert night?!?! I think I'm gonna throw one at the start of school again. We'll see.

funkiimonkee said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! eheh I did enjoy some desserts and was trying very hard not to overindulge! ahhah

Popchampayne: I have been using lilash! it works!

Anonymous said...

The liner color looks amazing on you girl!