Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tinted Moisturisers

I am tired of flaky skin! I think it's my diet- I haven't been drinking water or eating enough of my daily fruit and veges! Very bad of me! I have to get back on track or I'll look like a corpse on my wedding day!

I want to share my thoughts on these two tinted moisturisers-
Jemma Kidd Pro Finish Moisture Tint & Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser.

Top: Jemma Kidd Moisture Tint

Bottom: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

I rarely use tinted moisturisers since my perception is that they don't give much cover and it's too oily for my shiny skin. Now, I think my skin is changing and it needs a bit more hydration. I bought the L.Mercier T.Moisturiser a long time ago but wasn't impressed with it at all! I thought it was way too sheer and didn't do anything for my skin. So I left it lying around....till now!

Jemma Kidd Moisture Tint
Firstly, Jemma Kidd Moisture Tint was a very impulse purchase- got talked into by the girl at Kit Cosmetics. I can't say no! It wasn't cheap either and I thought I'll just give it try because I saw it on Pixiwoo- turns out I got the wrong product by J. Kidd!
Anyway, this was not very good for me. It smells like sunscreen- which I hate! Plus, it made my skin super oily. I don't think it would last a whole day. So I am donating this to my sister who will probably use it when she's at the beach- she is such a beach bum nowadays! I envy her "sportiness"- I need to get a bit of her active routine to get in shape! okk....back to makeup.....

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser
Strangely, when I tried it a second time- I found that it's very easy to blend and goes on smooth. Gave my skin a dewy glow:) And it looked very natural! It's definitely my fave now! haha- It's so strange!? Anyway, I would add that it won't work if you are suffering from breakouts. In that case, it's a nightmare to use! Overall- I am loving it now for my everyday makeup:)

Here are some pics of my makeup today. Sorry it's so yellow! ahah I took it near a spotlight. I used Rimmel's Kohl Liner in Green Jungle. A very nice teal colour:) And I am using L.M Tinted Moisturiser with the Undercover pot to conceal my pimples (I hate that time of the month!) and finish it with a very light dusting of powder- I still want to get that dewy look. And it lasted all day! I am so happy:)


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for sharing :) I'll stay away from JM, i was thinking about their MT the other day

amynaree said...

nice review! i love my LM TM as well!

Blair said...

I don't own any TMs... they are too sheer for me :(

Catherine said...

I always hear such wonderful things about LM's TM. Get back to drinking that water and eating those fruits! Important for you! =P

Anonymous said...

I always want to love tinted moisturizers, but end up feeling like they don't do very much for me. :/ They are great for those lazy summer days though!

stellarvixen said...

i was on LMTM last few years it was good kinda sheer altho buildable coverage but i love if with SPF!
now i'm on Paul&Joe with SPF too dewy yumm

aww sorry for the JK didnt work out for ya

eh you don look flaky at all in the pics..
time to use hydration sheet mask!

funkiimonkee said...

Stellarvixen: thanks to the bad lighting, you can't see my flaky skin! haha..but I just got my philopshy microdelivery wash today so I am gonna do some serious skin buffing tonight:) YAY!

killingxspree said...

lol the kit cosmetics girl at perth really annoys me. She always tries to pressure me into a purchase. Too pushy.