Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Rolls & Hoodies

I made some Teriyaki Chicken sushi with avocado mayo on the bottom. It's one of my favourite ways to eat sushi- I need avocado in my sushi otherwise it just doesn't taste as yummy! And I need lots of pink ginger and wasabi and some hot green tea.....hmmm heaven! I love sushi:)

It was so cold this morning! I had this jacket with the woolly fur hoody and it kept me nice and cozy (my mum bought it in China for me..... they love fake burberry patterns!) I looked a bit silly when I went on the train with this on! I think I'm just not used to the cold...I see girls wearing skirts and cardigans....I'm just a bit weak hehe

Glad that I will be in Malaysia for the weekend! Can't wait- I have been deprived of any shopping sprees for a month now and I think my credit card will take a beating this saturday! Plus it's going to be warm and I can wear some of new clothing pieces that I bought but haven't had a chance to wear due to laziness and the freakin' cold weather!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

looks yummy!

you look so utterly adorable on the pic!

Ronette Rose said...

Mmm.....Those sushi rolls look goood, I've got to try and make this someday.

♥akisa♥ said...

how cold was it today!! It was cold in Melbourne too. I wish I could contour my eyes like yours~

Diane said...

YumMMm, those rolls look so delicious! Aww you look so cute in your winter jacket.

Anonymous said...

OooOo So yummy!!!

Chenni said...

nice job with the sushi. they look delicious. I totally know what you mean about chinese and fake burberry patterns. they have it in everything, especially in umbrellas.

Chrissy said...

The teriyaki chicken sushi looks yummy!!!

Wow, how cold was it today? It's spring now in Australia, right? You look pretty cute with this fur hoodie.

Momo4ever.Com said...

Those sushi looks yum. I'm too lazy to make sushi at home. They're too much work!!!

I'm so jealous you're going back to Msia!!! All those shopping trips!!! Argh!! I haven't went back for more than a year now :(