Monday, September 21, 2009

Lazy Cook Series: Omurice

It's been a loooong time since I had a Lazy Cook post. That just shows how much cooking I actually do at home! Anyway, this is another episode from "Cooking with Dog". It's a really yummy dish and its so simple to do. The dog is so obedient! I would think he would get hungry just watching the lady cook! haha No wonder he whines...poor doggy!

Here is my attempt at this dish....ok I am hiding something- this was the second attempt haha, the first was a a sloppy omelette but I got the hang of it in the end. I think I made a total of 10 of these over the weekend and that's what we ate for breakfast lunch and dinner! I made too much rice filling and we went through a carton of eggs which is a lot of eggs for two people! Anyway, I like to use Ketchup instead of tomato sauce- I think there is a difference but some people say they taste the same??

And...sorry I really hate to take pics of myself everyday but I got no models to try it on! So I apologise that you have to see my face day in and day out! I asked my fiance if I could do something on him but he flatly refuses...obviously! Anyway, I was trying a berry lips look with strong eyebrows and clean eye makeup. It's not really one of my favourite looks since I think it makes me look older! But here it is anyways...

Products Used:
  • Skinfood BB Cream
  • MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC20
  • Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
  • MAC E/Shadows Yoghurt, Copperplate, Satin Taupe
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Black Ink
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
  • Bobbi Brown Blush "Nectar"
  • MAC Lipstick "Overtly Plum" 
Can't wait for the long weekend here in Perth....I need a break! Horrible weather too....I can't wait for summer! I hate wearing jackets and pants everyday :(


♥akisa♥ said...

this look is straight out of Dae Jang Geum (the infamous Korean drama) hahaha!! I've been meaning to try a deep berry lip but can't bring myself to buy one for the sake of experimenting.. I hope some sponsor gives one to me, Hahaha.. wishful thinking.

♥akisa♥ said...

Great job with the omu rice! I tried this but failed to do the nicely wrapped look..

funkiimonkee said...

Akisa: Thanks! The wrapping is tricky but the trick is not to overload it with the rice filling and turn off the fire before the egg gets too cooked:)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow that look so yummyyyy!!!, my MIL(mother in law )does a similar Hakka type which fills the egg roll with pork mince :) but she steams it in stead

funkiimonkee said...

Ena: That sounds really yummy too!

ning * star said...


Denysia said...

i saw that episode of cooking with dog! i kind of want to try to make it now!

Anonymous said...

yummy..our make up is great

Momo4ever.Com said...

Hmm..I always thought that Ketchup and tomato sauce are the same thing, just being called differently in different countries??

Anyway, I totally agree with you in regards to the weather in Perth. Where is Spring????????

kalai said...

oo.. im going to make this^^ thanks for sharing the vid..
lol cute doggie^^