Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alannah Hill Obsession

I love Alannah Hill! It's so pretty and somehow everytime I walk into the store I feel the "need" to get something or at least try something on- although for me that's dangerous since I will end up buying it! The designer is based in Australia and now Perth has two stores and I visit them quite often! It's my happy land and the latest collection is to-die-for! It's not up on the website yet but I am loving the raspberry pink, the chiffons and all the lace and trimmings they have this season. I wish I had pictures to show you but I guess we have to wait till it's up on their website.

I visited the store today and fell in love with practically everything- but my fiance was with me so I couldn't make any big purchases. I managed to beg my way through buying one piece of item- a pretty cream cardigan with a bow in the front. It's a sale item otherwise my fiance wouldn't even let me buy it! The extra 20% off the sale item was what I used as an excuse to get it! I told the salesgirl I will be back tomorrow (without him) to get something else- its a secret!


A View from the Edge said...

It's a pretty cardigan. It's funny how you have to come back to the store without your fiance, hehe. It happens to me, too. Most of the time I'd say to him to just wait for me outside or in the parking area so I can shop freely, lol!

Diane said...

That cardigan is so cute and looks totally worth the little begging it took to get it. Good girl, learn the ropes before getting married it's always easier that way. =)