Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review: Neutrogena 2in1 Mask/Cleanser

I keep hearing about this product in reviews and was pretty excited about trying it out. I looked everywhere for this and finally stumbled upon it at the local Woolies store in town while looking for toothpaste. Anyway I have used this a couple of times now. Once in the morning to clean my face and once as a mask.

As a cleanser, the packaging says to put some on your hands then mix with water and it should lather up into a foam but this didn't happen for me. Maybe I used too much water? The product was a bit watery so it dripped a bit- something like a paint consistency so it can get messy. I felt a cooling tingling sensation on my skin which was pleasant- for some it might be stinging depends on how sensative your skin is. After I rinsed my skin, it felt a bit tight for me. It was definitely clean- no oil or grease but I prefer a more moisturising cleanser. This product is more suited to people who have oily skin.

As a mask, I put on a layer onto my skin and its very similar to a clay mask. Great for summer when your skin tends to get greasy and clogged. I read somewhere that you can dab this onto your blemishes overnight to reduce swelling and redness. Will be trying that next:)

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