Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Power of Concealers

Dermablend Cover Creme- This is a heavy duty concealer for blemishes and covers scars and tattoos as well. You just need the tiniest bit to cover everything. Too much and it looks pasty. I used this to cover a ghastly looking pimple for my engagement photos and the result was flawless and it stays on all day! HG this one! But this is not for everyday use.
Below are my fave MAC concealers......

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (left)- Its comes in a tiny pot and its perfect to carry around. Covers blemishes very well and its doesn't cake. Perfect for around the nose area and stays on all day!

MAC Studio Stick (center)- This is actually a stick foundation but I use it as a concealer on days where my skins is a bit flaky and dry. It looks really natural and blends well into your skin.

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer (Right)- The texture is very smooth and it's perfect for under the eyes & around the nose. Its very buildable and doesn't cake so it looks natural. I think its very similar to the Lancome Maquicomplet. (below right)

Laura Mercier Undercover Pot (left)- This is one of my favourites. It wins points on packaging, its a 3 in 1 and comes with a mirror too. Top contains two concealers- one creamy for under the eyes and the thicker one is for blemishes. The bottom compartment is a powder to set your concealer. 10/10! I prefer this to the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.

Lancome Effacernes- Comes in a tube and I use a flat brush to apply. Good all rounder and I like it because 02 matches my skin colour exactly! Very creamy and easy to blend.


lindah said...

I think I need concealer for my whole face :P Stupid acne! lol xD

Catanya said...

My fave one is LRP Unifiance Touch Pro.

You have a great selection!

smmmitten said...

i heard from a dermatologist that dermablend has THE best coverage... which shade do you use?
are you going to show us your engagement photos? i'd love to see them!

funkiimonkee said...

I use Dermablend warm ivory. Its the best! to see engagement photos you go to under "engagement".

Hey Catanya: sorry but what does LRP stand for?

funkiimonkee said...
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