Thursday, July 9, 2009

TAG: 10 Things About Me

This is my first tag and not really sure how it works but anyhow here are 10 things about me (honest things I promise!)

  1. I love Korean food! Especially chilli pork BBQ! And also the little cute side dishes that you get with every meal. YUMMY!

  2. I run a japanese restaurant and make sushi for a living. I love Japanese food too and I can't wait to go to Japan to eat REAL Japanese food!

  3. Ok, enough about food. I have ugly hands! And I can't wear fake nails due to work so I have to make do with hand creams for now. I own about 10 different creams and stash them everywhere I go-I have them in my car, bedside, bathroom , at work. Will do a review on some of them.

  4. I am a clean freak. I clean all the time=ugly hands. I even clean other people's houses. I know....its a weird problem I have! I can't stand mess!

  5. I love playing games! I have all the consoles except for the PS3. My fiance has banned me from getting it till I sell my Wii or my PSP. (I don't want to!) So I plan on waiting till he buys a TV, which sometimes comes with a FREE PS3!

  6. I hate it when guys wear caps. Ditto for thongs like they don't have anything else better to wear. I tell my fiance off all the time!

  7. My favourite shows are Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives. I even watch crappy chic flicks especially ones with Kate Hudson-she's so funny!

  8. I drink tea all time- everyday, every hour and every minute! I'm going to start collecting teapots!

  9. I am pretty short- 154cm to be exact! Shortest in my family even though I am the eldest.

  10. I love dark chocolate- oops back to food again! I think about food all the time sorry!

Hope that didn't bore you guys to death! I supposed to tag other people now?


FernLaura. said...

Aww nice to know more about you :)

A View from the Edge said...

I love Korean food, too! Don't worry, if you're short then I'm a midget~haha:)

Kasia_Infamous said...

Aww you seem to be such a sweet girl! Great to know more about you!!

*~kAy~* said...

you're pretty cool coz you play games! :P
i don't hav the ps3 too but my bf's bro has it and i steal it sometimes :P muahahahaha!

mmm.. food is always good :P
my friend used to own a korean restaurant and he hooked me up!!! :P