Monday, July 27, 2009

The Magic Of Alannah Hill

I couldn't help myself. I had to go back to Alannah Hill and buy that dress I saw yesterday- kept thinking about it and I think I even dreamt about it! I am always on a lookout for a beautiful red dress- remember my "stolen dresses" post not long ago? So anyway I was looking for replacements. Alannah Hill always has pretty frocks and I tried this red dress on- was a bit hesitant about the colour on this frilly dress but when I had it on, it was like magic! It instantly makes you look more brighter, younger, skinnier etc. ahahah ok I am exaggerating a bit. I plan to wear it to a special dinner next week (our 10-year anniversary! Time flies doesn't it?) Planning to give him a surprise but the first thing he will ask is -
Kenny: Where did you get that dress?
Me: Oh, I just borrowed it from Sharon (my sis) and she says I can keep it *sheepish grin* (Yeah right!)
The floral dress next to it is something I bought for summer. So prettttyyy!!! I can't wait for winter to enddd!

Oooops, I also got this jacket. It fits me like a glove and looks so cute with the bow:) It was on sale with extra 20% off sale price- now how can I refuse? You guys understand right? ehhe


stellarvixen said...

i love dresses~~
and the alannah hill red dress is outta this world! please model if for us to see~~

mymy what a cute jacket with bows~ how girly is that :D

wow 10 years already!congrats!

Pema said...

Did you know that Alannah Hill uses fur in her designs? I just found out that her collections use real fur that most likely comes from China – where there are no animal rights regulations. Animals that come from fur farms live in horrifying, cramped and filthy conditions only to end their lives by being skinned alive! There’s a petition here: to ask Hill to stop killing animals in the name of fashion. Visit the link to find out more.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow lovely outfits :) U know when I first saw your photo I told myself she look like an Alannah Hill girl, no kidding :)

Ohrenishi said...

omg! i love that red dress.=)