Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shopping Addiction

That looks like my face when I see Alannah Hill On SALE!
I am sure everyone has a budget when it comes to shopping, but for me when I see something that I like, I don't think rationally anymore. If I have the funds I will buy it, get happy and think about the consequences later- ie. when my fiance sees the bag or the receipt I forgot to hide from him! I actually keep all my receipts for my purchases now, especially my Alannah Hill dresses! I had a really soul-tearing experience when I moved houses and someone stole some (there was more than 15 in total and still counting) of my best looking dresses including my friend's bridemaid's dress! Luckily the wedding was over. So the lesson I learnt is to keep the receipts and get insurance on your wardrobe! ahha I am serious, your wardrobe is worth a lot if you add it all up:) Every now and then, I want to wear a dress but realise that it was stolen and I get depressed just thinking about it (I have no idea who it is but I hope they get it bad one day!) It took me years of shopping and investing to get those dresses and now I have start all over again. :( Very sad still.

Anyway back to shopping- I need to control my spending. Well, that's what my fiance keeps reminding me. I promised him I will try my very, very best. I honestly will! But right now Alannah Hill is 50% off! Dilemma!


Anonymous said...


MiuMiu said...

the beauty breakfast sounds interesting, but i think i'd be too lazy to do it XD
omg bear paws?! i would totally not eat that.. i hear about how china is so cruel to bears =(
aww..sorry to hear about the stolen goods, how strange is it taht someone would steal clothes!

Kasia_Infamous said...

I'm a shopaholic as well. I also need to control myself.
I can imagine what you feel about those stolen dresses... muah

Denysia said...

I'm a crazy shopaholic! I think I should just chop up my credit cards, so I won't spend so much!

LipGlossGossip said...

So sorry to hear your dresses got stolen!
I know what you mean about trying to control your spending, I'm trying to as well!
Thanks for commenting my blog, it means so much to me. :-)

Toothfairynotes said...

hahaha... I just found out that you have a upcoming post about what's in your bag... and I just posted it! omg girls do share the same thoughts!!!


Sooshi said...

hi! LOL I just took photos of the contents of my bag too! I'm looking forward to yours!

funkiimonkee said...

Actually my bag has a lot of crap in it!