Monday, July 27, 2009

How to Apply Eyeliners

Eyeliner is something I cannot live without- it's great for defining and emphasing the shape of your eyes. I usually use it to make my eyes look larger and keep the line thicker at the top and thinner on the bottom.

There are different types of eyeliners that you can use and each have different application techiniques. Personally, I love gel liners as they go far and never smudge throughout the whole day. Here is a list and you pick what's best for you:)

Pencils- this is great for the smokey eye effect and its easy to apply. Just make sure you set it with powder (ie. eyeshadow colour that matches the pencil) to prevent smudging. My fave is Rimmel's Black Kohl Liner.
Liquid Liners- This one takes a bit of practice to get it perfect. These can come in a felt tip pen or with a fine brush applicator. The felt tip pen is easier to use. Using liquid liners are great for those dramatic eye looks and very long wearing and doesn't smear at all! It's not my favourite liner so its hard for me to recommend but currently I am using Loreal Intense Liquid Liner and Revlon Colourstay Liquid Liner.
Gel Liners- you need a stiff brush for this and I think its easier to apply than liquid liners. It comes in a pot and it can dry out very easily so I suggest you get what you need and put it on the back of your hand and close the lid. I use Bobbi Brown Gel Liners.
Shadow Liners- a cinch to apply and you can choose to apply as is or with a damp brush. Make sure you use a good quality brush- thin, stiff and flat and either round or straight at the tips. You can use all the colours available in your eyeshadow collection!

  • For a more intense look layer your liners. I usually start with a pencil to get a rough guideline and then apply my liquid or gel liner over the top. Then finish of with a shadow liner to keep in place. You keep repeating this process till you get your desired effect.
  • For smokey eyes I stick with pencils and shadow liners- they are easier to smudge.
  • Make sure you don't have any gaps between the lash line and the liner. Fill the gaps with powder liner in the same shade or use tightlining techinique (applying really closely to lash line and makes your lashes look thicker).
  • If you have dark circles, stick with liner only on top lash line only. Apply concealer right up to your lower lash line and apply mascara only.
  • Thicken your liner towards the outer edges. This gives the eyes a lift. I love cat eyes!
  • Make sure you sharpen your pencils regularly to clean them and soften the tips before you apply it by rubbing with fingertips.
Hope this helps! If you have any tips or recommendations for liners please post a comment to share:)


Shopaholicgirl said...

thanks for this post! liner is also one of the things i cant live without haha but maybe you could help me, im asian so i have small eyes and i wanna make my eyes look bigger, so what would you recommend me doing??

funkiimonkee said...

You can read my tips for asian eyes post! But to make eyes bigger make sure you connect your top and bottom liner at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Hope that helps:)

Shopaholicgirl said...

k thanks for your help <333