Friday, August 14, 2009

Imju Fiberwig Mascara Review

I've been trying the Imju Fiberwig Mascara for a couple of days. It gives amazing length and gives you pretty, natural lashes. You need to concentrate on applying it to the ends and keep going and going to build length. I know gorgeous Eki is a fan of this mascara and it looks great on her! She uses an electronic eyelash curler as well and it gives a very pretty natural result.

I don't use eyelash curlers in my usual daily makeup routine. I am too lazy and I only have 15 mins to get ready most the time. So I save that for special occasions- eyelash curlers do make a big difference to your eyes! The instructions says you need to use an eyelash curler after you apply the mascara. I don't like to do that since it stains my rubber pads on my curlers and sometimes my eyelashes fall off! So I didn't try this method but the result is still very good.

The only gripe I have (and it makes me very sad) is that the fibers in the mascara falls into my eyes and irritates my eyes all day! I blink constantly-sometimes guys think I am batting my eyes at them. :/

Anyway, besides the itchy, "feel like something on my eyeballs" feeling- this is a great mascara. If this doesn't happen for you then you are lucky!

  • Builds unbelievable length
  • The finish is really glossy, no flakes or clumps whatsoever and it lasts alllll day!
  • It's one of those mascaras that looks natural and not stiff. If you touch it, it feels soft and doesn't flake.
  • Another bonus is that you don't any eye makeup remover to take it off- just warm water and a little bit of rubbing. Say goodbye to panda eyes!
  • It's really affordable. I bought mine for $17.50 singaporean dollars at a Watsons store in Singapore.


  • Fibers fall into my eyes and makes them irritable, makes me blink like a mad woman I feel like I wanna scratch my eyes!
  • Not much volume but I guess you can't have everything!


emimonster said...

i used to use this mascara but stopped because i felt like the tube dried out way too fast, it smeared easily on my lower lids and it was pretty expensive $24US! have you tried the majolica majorca lash expander? fuzkittie recommended it and i love it!!

Dee said...

Don't you just hate it when something's in your eyes and you can't get it out. Its so frustrating. I get that sometimes, lol. I've never tried Fiberwig and I really want to try it more now. It looks great on your lashes! They're so long!

Emily said...

thanks for the review....sounds great except the last part ...about falling into eyes, thanks for the review tho :]

amynaree said...

great review! i love this mascara too, and the heated lash curler makes all the difference~!

I feel you on the fibers falling out, it happens to me sometimes too but I just use a smudge proof mascara fixer and it keeps it on nicely :D

♥akisa♥ said...

where did you get this? It loooks great! You raelly get ready in 15 min??? I take >30 min and I don't know how to cut it down.. haha..

sizbelle said...

seems like i realy have to get my hands on one soon, after seeing Eki, Amy & your recommendation haha

what! 15 mins thats really fast, how did you did that. Can share?

Blovet Beauty said...

oohh it does make ur eyelashes longer and it looks pretty black too..I like the fact that u don't need to have makeup remover to get it off! fast and convenient

Becks said...

ooo thanks for the review! I was just looking at this at Sephora today lol