Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mascara Showdown: Found a New Fave!

Left to Right: Rimmel Glam Eyes & My New Favourite!

I love my Rimmel Glam Eyes- I bought three of them but since my mascara experiment that I started last week- I have found another mascara love. It's the pic to the right! It gives me really full and clump free lashes and I only need two coats to get va-va-voom eyes!

I tried many drugstore mascaras and I believe they do just as well (sometimes better) than the high end mascaras. I change mine every month or so because I hate clumpy, flaky mascaras. It's also for hygiene reasons- you wipe the stuff onto your eyelashes and then you pop it back into the tube so there is bound to be bacteria growth etc! Ewww!

Anyway here is a rundown of my tried & tested:

Maybelline Great Lash- bleh! I don't know why this is a must have? Its alright- but not fantastic. Its easy to remove but it smudges at the end of the day. There are way better products out there nowadays!

Maybelline XXL curling mascara- I don't really like mascaras that need an application of primer before you apply the mascara on. Its another step and I am lazy! This one was another ok mascara- nothing special.

Maybelline Colossal- Great product but it had a funny rose scent to it which I didn't like. If you don't mind the smell then this is a great mascara! It's better than Covergirl's Lash Blast:)

Loreal Telescopic- I bought this before and I never liked it enough. So when I saw people rave about it I thought I'll give it another go. It separates your lashes quite well and gives some length but NO volume. The wand is the same as Rimmel Glam Eyes which I prefer because it gives you length, separation AND volume.

Bourjois Clubbing Mascara- As soon I took the wand out of the tube it was yuk! Mascara product was clumping the the fibers on the wand. I had to wipe it with tissue before applying. It smudges and didn't really give length or volume compared to other mascaras.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie- This my new HG mascara:) I love the effect it gives! You can see in the pics that the Max Factor gives more oommpph! I love love love it! Highly recommended!


Here is video by misschievous and she goes through many other mascaras that I haven't tried as yet. So watch it for more reviews!


MilknCookiie said...

The results look fantastic! Your lashes are so long and full. Mine don't even look that nice with a primer. :/ Now I want to give the 2000 calorie a try once I finish all my other mascaras.


tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Looks great! I think I'll try the 2000 Calorie one as it is one I have never tried! :)

Catanya said...

I will definitely try the 2000 calories after reading this!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I've tried Bourjois before felt exactly how you felt hehe YUCK, the brush picked up too much product made my eyelashes really really wet. I'll try out the 2000 Calories after I finish my current one.

sizbelle not my real name... said...

wow, thanks for the review. I can't wait for my order to reach me in 2 days time, your review certainly convinced me that i got a good buy even before trying it out, as i tried quite a few failure product...

Miss K. You said...

Your eyes & lashes are pretty! Thanks for the reviews :) I never know which drugstore mascaras to try!

Diane said...

I just bought the Max Factor mascara a couple of weeks ago and I'm really liking it too. It's probably in my top mascara choices. Great post, I'm going to try the Rimmel Glam eyes now, thanks for the info!

lindah said...

max factor never disapoints me :) they always work great for people with no lashes!

Anonymous said...

omg your lashes look amazing!!
I'm definitely going to get this :D

Ohrenishi said...

my favorite one is the Maybelline Colossal for now.

Zoe said...

I love mascaras..thanks for this review^^