Friday, August 21, 2009

Kikki K in Perth!

Welcome to the world of Kikki.K!

The first store opened in Perth and I could have spent a whole day in the shop. It makes me feel like organising my stuff! Typically, I only had ten minutes to take a look around so I bought a wedding planner file and a notebook! Total impulse buys because I was stressing out about my wedding last night and couldn't sleep a wink! So many things to do and I didn't know where to start! I thought this was meant to be fun:((((

Anyway if you don't have a local Kikki. K store near you, (I love this name!) you can shop online here.

Gotta warn you- its addictive!


DonDon said...

i love notebooks and thing! aww, don't worry about your wedding! just relax, cos making yourself stressed will just make you more and more nervous about it! Just relax, and i bet you everything will turn out fine =)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The store looks awesome!! I hope that your plans work out!! Try not to stress (I know, I know cliche answer! :P)

Remember this is Ya'll's day. It's about love. Picture that perfect romantic wedding and try to make it happen!!


Summer Darling said...

Dear..don't stress yourself be,everything is gonna be fine on the actual day..u just have to prepare yourself to be the most beautiful bride of the day. :)

MsChikee said...

yes! i just visited that new "mall" thing today at lunch break and i was so happy to see Kikki K too!

Emily said...

wah~ a great shop hehe kiki.k thats a sweet name for a shop

haha i like organizing too

ooooh o_o ? your getting married! ^_^ congrats .....dont stress out, everything will work out, just relax, yoga or drink some tea, be peaceful helps o_O i think so

(thanks for sharing, i really like the shop hehe its cool)

Sarah said...

Love kikki.K!!

Where is this? I looked on the website and it says they have stores at Garden City and Karrinyup but I have never seen them.. I guess I don't go to those shopping centers very much though!

funkiimonkee said...

Hi Sarah:) Its located in the new building on st georges terrace called Ennex 100. Near london court!

Blair said...

Looks like a super adorable store!!