Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today's Ups & Downs

Let's start with the good things for today...

Firstly, just wanna say Happy Birthday to three gorgeous girls Mel, Gin & my sis Sharon! Thanks Gin for the lurrveeely party at your booootifull new house! :P Will show you how to roll sushi one day!

Sssshhhh....These are my secret purchases today- Jemma Kidd Pro Finish Moisture Tint * Korres Wild Rose Foundation. I needed to find some sheer foundations for the day. I find that the ones I am using-including the BB creams are too cakey for day. Or maybe I just have a heavy hand when it comes to application. So maybe something more light will be better! If you have used these products please leave a comment! I can't wait to try these:)
I had a quick lunch after work at one of my favourite Korean restaurant- Toobegi? Hope I spelt it right! This is a hot dish- one slurp of this soup sent me into a coughing fit! But it tastes soooo gooooodd! Yum Yum! Totally regret this afterwards when I played Netball!
Here is the bad.....

I was asked to play Netball for my sister's team "The Gems"! I didn't mind since I needed to get some exercise anyway. I only had to play for an hour with five min breaks in between....but my oh my...I am so unfit! The first 5 mins of the game I was already huffing and puffing. By the second quarter I was ready to drop dead. I could feel the Korean food inside my stomach churning and kinda made me feel a bit sick. The other girls were getting scared...honestly I looked like I was about to faint! Haha I had a head on collision with a girl from the other team. She said she bit her tongue. Me on the otherhand got a knock to my cheek bone and ear. I was a bit dazed but we played on anyway. The result of that game- Yes we Won!!! The other result- I got a massive blister on my feet and found a bruise on my cheek and my hand and my thigh. Me so clumsy!

So that was my bad ending to my day. Tomorrow morning till be another story when I wake up and my whole body will feel like I ran a marathon! But it was all fun!



Sush said...

Cake Pictures and soup are making me hungry! and you mentioned sushi too! haha cake+korean food+ sushi = my favorite things! haha

Catherine said...

Ooooh, fun pics! And aww, sounds like dehydration? Hope your blidter heals soon. Glad it was fun though!

MilknCookiie said...

Omg, I LOVE those "soups" they always have in Korean hotpots and stuff (I hope my lack of naming things don't confuse you, haha), you make me crave for it now haha.

BB creams make my face look cakey too, or even dry. I don't know why, because it doesn't seem to happen for Milk when she uses BB creams. :\

Ouch, maybe treat your body a nice bath or massage? At least you won!

- Cookiie♥

Jaimie said...

that soup looks delicious

Emily said...

hehe secret purchases'

lol :] ive been doing that alot lately lol

Anonymous said...

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