Sunday, August 23, 2009

Review: Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

This is my favourite mask at the moment. It's a best seller from The Face Shop and it was the first product they recommended to me. I bought it for $31.90 (Singapore Dollors). I never usually put on a mask before I sleep so this was a bit different.
The instructions says to put it on twice a week after your usual beauty routine (after your moisturiser) and you don't need to rinse it off. That's great- I am lazy to rinse my face! I must add that it smells so delicious:) Not really like raspberries but it does have a nice, refreshing scent and its great for bedtime
The lotion comes out clear in a pump bottle so you don't contaminate the product with fingers. When you apply it all over it dries quickly and there is no sticky residue. When you wake up in the morning your skin feels naturally soft and smooth! I wish I can use this everyday!
The mask is supposed to lift the skin, tighten pores and hydrate the skin. Not sure about the first two claims but I definitely feel its softer and smoother in the mornings:)
I would recomment this to people who don't like rinse off masks and I would definitely buy this again!


Rosamond said...

Thanks for the lovely review. I hate rinsing my face because I'm so clumsy. Do they have an online store?


Catherine said...

Hmm, very interesting - I definitely want to look into these masks if they have different varieties. I really like go-to-bed masks. Currently using Korres, but don't know if I'll repurchase that one.

Becks said...

ooo nice review! I'm using a so called leave in (or don't require washing off) Biotherm one and it feels icky so I do a half rinse anyway >.<

MsChikee said...

i want! :D i am heading to Faceshop like now! Thanks for the review! xox

funkiimonkee said...

MsChikee: I saw the face shop only today! hahah its been there for 2 wks and I didnt know! but they don't stock this product?

MsChikee said...

Shelley, yes they don't but the one in Joondalup does so i asked the lady if it can be shipped to the city store and she said yes. So i am just waiting patiently :)

i was going to blog about it (Faceshop in the city) but in the end i just tweeted it :) hhehe

Emily said...

sleeping mask....ahahah so intersting

:Dhmm...its sounds pretty good

the face shop has all these really good products for the skin!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so interesting! I think i may have to pick me up one since i've been in dying need of a new mask! Loved the review :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...


i have not heard of this product yet
thanks for letting us know about it
nice review