Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer's Giveaway- My Bag Collection

Here is my entry into Summer's Giveaway!

I have a very small bag collection since I am not really a bag collector. I tend to carry a lot of things and I find it hard to transfer all my crap from one bag to another. I always forget something important- like my house keys! I end up waiting outside my own house till someone can let me in! So let's go through the collection- can't really say "collection" really since its so small but anway.....

The above bags were all given to me as gifts! Lucky I get them as gifts otherwise I would only own like three bags! I have one designer purse from Gucci (the one in black) and it was from all my girlfriends! But I could never spend a few hundred dollars on a lil purse- it's crazy! But thank you to my friends who got me a decent night purse. I use it alot for dinners etc!

My other designer bag from my fiance. ( I own only 2 designer bags including the Gucci one) It's Louis Vuitton and he picked it out himself:) I wouldn't normally choose this type of bag if I could afford one but since it's from him I love it anyway!

My favourite everyday bag from Oroton! I got this in Sydney last year during the Boxing Day sales. Had to line up to get into the Oroton store but it was worth it! I was eyeing this bag already from outside the shop window and was praying no one would buy it before I did. It was $400 on sale which is quite a lot of money to spend on a bag- for me anyway! But it was leather and in my fave chocolate brown colour and it has some many compartments outside and inside tha bag. Plus it was the perfect size- not too small and not too big. I will cry when I have to replace it because its not often I fall in love with a bag!

This red bag is from Ginger & Smart and I bought it online on sale:) I loved the shape and the colour of the bag- it's like a cherry red! Comes with a lil cute mirror too! I go shopping with this bag all the time since it's lighter than my Oroton bag.

Haha...this isn't a bag at all but it's my favourite shop bag! So cute!
And to answer your question Summer: I thought you looked like a such a cutie and so generous and helpful with your service to help people like me buy things they can't get in Singapore! And you also gave some great advice with my shopping trip to Singapore and I am forever grateful! Thanks so much:)
Age is just a number so I say you are my number 1 favourite blogger! Is that good enough? ehhe
This was a fun contest! Thanks for doing this!:)
Oh! Before I forget- I like the second prize if I win:) *Fingers Crossed* I love elephants!


Elise said...

Hi, I wanted to leave you a coment to say that you have the coolest blog ! Great pictures and you write really interesting posts. Thanks so much for sharing it and best wishes - have a great week...

Summer Darling said...

Hi shelly,thanks for taking part in my contest.i'm taking part in your contest too.wait for me!!! i'm deciding which photo i should send it..hmm

Catherine said...

Cute collection!

Emily said...

wow....great bags u got!!