Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ramen Noodles @ The Markets

This is my first time going to a Ramen shop in the local markets. It's so small that I think I missed it everytime I pass. I had no idea it existed till a friend suggested we go there. Had to get in early (10am!) since there was nine of us and we took up the whole place and some of us had to stand! It's now one of my favourite shops to eat...and it tastes great! I love Ramen noodles:) They also serve bubble tea which is one of my favourite drinks for summer but its now winter so I gave that a skip. The only thing is, they don't have green tea- I must drink tea with every meal I eat or it just doesn't feel right! It's just an asian thing with me :P

Here is some of the people I met at work- they are all pretty Korean and Japanese girls:) I envy their skin. I don't think they realise how lucky they are that they don't need any makeup and they look so pretty! Me envy so much!


Sarah said...

Which markets is this at? Ramen is one of my boyfriends favourite things but we struggle to find anywhere good here in Perth!!

funkiimonkee said...

Its the one at Fremantle Markets:) Cheap prices and yummy ramen!

Emily said...

u should totally try vegetarian ramen its really good too ! :D