Sunday, August 16, 2009

The "Rules" of Makeup

Everyone has their own way of applying makeup. I read up on lots of books and magazines and they all have differing views on what is the right and wrong that I end up getting a bit confused. I tried many of the right ways but I also tried a few wrong ways too! I realise after some experimenting that everyone is different and so there are no rules to makeup- just guidelines that you can choose to follow...or not!

For instance, I don't use a sponge for my liquid foundations. I prefer my fingers as this warms the product and I think it blends better. Other people prefer a sponge or brush applicator and they think this is easier. So everyone has their preferences.

Another rule is that you should never use shimmery shadows as you get older as it will emphasise those lines and wrinkles. That makes sense but I broke this rule with my mum and her makeup looked great! I guess it depends on the application, the colour and the texture of the product.

And what about eyebrows? They say you should never cut or tweeze the hair above your brows. I have to trim here and there to keep them neat otherwise it looks really unruly. True, you should leave this to the professionals so don't try at your own risk!

There are many rules on applying your eyeliner- make them bigger by lining only the top and three quarters of the way in on the bottom. Never line all around your eyes otherwise it makes them look smaller etc etc.

What is the correct way to apply blush? Smile or not smile? I always hear that you should smile to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. But then I read somewhere that if you smile it actually creates crevices in your skin and makes your application blotchy and not smooth. So which is the right way? The latter sounds logical so I follow that. But it's really up to you- maybe its hard to find the apples of your cheeks so you might need to smile!

There are many opinions out there and they contradict sometimes so I say just try it yourself and if it works for you then stuff those rules! I certainly don't follow them unless they suit me. Have fun and its all about experimenting and getting the right look for you:)


xphoebelinax said...

yup! so true! all about experimenting :)

i get my stuff on or i get my friends that go overseas to buy me stuff :D but mostly on or ebay :D

Blovet Beauty said...

u're right. there are so many " right and wrongs"... its sometimes hard to know what can be done at all.. its easier to do what feels right and works best :)

Emily said...

great tips, ive still got lots to learn haha im a total begginner in makeup thanks for this really helps alot

haha i never knew that using hands to apply foundation warms the product(hhaha i just do it cuz im too lazy to get a sponge )

thanks ! so nice to learn stuff on your fun blog

Shopaholicgirl said...

great post!!

confessionsofamilitarywife said...

Hey doll! Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your posts. I like how you wear your make up. It's not too much and exactly what I would wear. :) Hope you get a chance to follow mine as well. It's private so if you want, send me your email address.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this!
Makes things a bit clearer now lol


MilknCookiie said...

I hate sponges! I just don't like the feeling of it when I use it on my face. I used to use my hands a lot too, but I use brushes for quick drying foundations like the Revlon one.

Sometimes make up "facts" sure are confusing. I think experimenting yourself would be the best to find out what works for your face~

- Cookiie♥