Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Award! 10 Thing I Love

Modern Mum has kindly given me an award and a tag on the 10 Things I Love....

Thank you:)))) I love a lot of things! 10 isn't going to cover it all! LOL:)

  1. Chocolates- Who doesn't? My favourites...ok too many to mention but I love dark chocolates especially!
  2. Tigers- I feel very attached to tigers, I love them! They are so beautiful- I almost cry when I see them since there are so few of them left in the world.
  3. Rain- Some may think rain brings gloom & doom but I like to hear the rain on a hot summer's day. I find it really calming and it's the only sound I can listen to and fall asleep.
  4. Laughing- I love things that make me laugh. I need it to stay sane! I don't like people who are always negative or too serious all the time.
  5. Tea- I am a big tea drinker, I cannot go through a day without my daily cuppa! I drink green tea everyday.
  6. Books- I collect books, I like to read in bed or when I am home alone. My dream is to have a big room just FULL of books! My very own library!
  7. Dresses- I also collect pretty frocks! I love dresses- they are so easy to wear- no mixing and matching, just slip it on and your outfit is done!
  8. Dogs- I don't have one since I don't have the time to look after one- but I am a dog lover! If I do get one- I would get a Japanese Akita. Big but so beautiful!
  9. Edward Cullen- He's my edward! I don't care what everyone else says! He is MINE:P
  10. Kenny- My soulmate:) Can't imagine what life would be like without him....

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mercurylady said...

I love that you have a dress collection!

MilknCookiie said...

Yay for the award! I can't stay sane without laughing once a day either, even though it's causing me to have wrinkles there at my age. ^^;;

- Cookiie♥

MsChikee said...

Hi :) I think I saw you in myer today :) I wanted to say hi but I forgot your name although I was close to saying funkee :) haha I was the one with glasses and we looked at each other and you looked away hahahaha

My Humble Reviews said...

Cute post :)

I love dogs,too.
You should get one :)